Office Cleaners in London Ontario – Look for MedClean Janitorial

Office Cleaners in London Ontario – Look for MedClean Janitorial

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy office environment, having the right tools and techniques can make all the difference. At MedClean Janitorial Services, we are committed to providing the best office cleaning services in London Ontario, and that means staying up to date with the latest cleaning tools and techniques.

Here are some of the office cleaning tools and techniques that we use to keep our clients’ offices clean and healthy:

1. Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are an essential tool for office cleaning. These cloths are made from ultra-fine fibers that are much smaller than traditional cleaning cloths, which means they can trap more dirt and bacteria than regular cloths. Microfiber cloths are also incredibly durable and can be washed and reused multiple times, making them an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

2. HEPA filter vacuums

HEPA filter vacuums are designed to capture and trap small particles like dust, pollen, and bacteria. These vacuums use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to remove even the smallest particles from the air, which can help reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory problems. At MedClean Janitorial Services, we use HEPA filter vacuums to ensure that our clients’ offices are as clean and healthy as possible.

3. Green cleaning products

We believe in using environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible. Our green cleaning products are made from natural and biodegradable ingredients that are safe for both people and the environment. These products are just as effective as traditional cleaning products, but without the harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

4. Electrostatic sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers are a new technology that uses electrostatically charged particles to disinfect surfaces quickly and efficiently. These sprayers are designed to coat surfaces evenly, including hard-to-reach areas like corners and crevices. At MedClean Janitorial Services, we use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect our clients’ offices quickly and thoroughly.

5. High-pressure washers

High-pressure washers are an effective tool for cleaning outdoor areas like sidewalks, parking lots, and building exteriors. These washers use a powerful jet of water to remove dirt and grime from surfaces, leaving them clean and bright. At MedClean Janitorial Services, we use high-pressure washers to keep our clients’ outdoor areas looking their best.

6. Color-coded cleaning tools

Color-coded cleaning tools are an essential part of any office cleaning program. These tools are designed to be used in specific areas of the office, which helps prevent cross-contamination between different areas. For example, we use green cleaning cloths in our kitchen cleaning area and red cleaning cloths in our bathroom cleaning area.

7. Proper disinfecting techniques

In addition to using the right tools, it’s important to use proper disinfecting techniques to keep your office clean and healthy. This includes using the right concentration of disinfectant, allowing enough dwell time for the disinfectant to work, and using proper wiping techniques to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.

At MedClean Janitorial Services, we are committed to providing the best office cleaning services in London Ontario. We use a combination of the latest cleaning tools and techniques to ensure that our clients’ offices are as clean and healthy as possible. If you’re looking for the best office cleaners in London Ontario, look no further than MedClean Janitorial Services. Contact us today to learn more about our office cleaning services and how we can help keep your office clean and healthy.


Mississuaga Cleaners Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance Doing It All

Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is undoubtedly the best janitorial service in Mississuaga and Toronto , and it is no surprise that it has garnered such a reputation over the years. With a dedicated team of professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance has established itself as the go-to provider of top-notch janitorial services in Toronto and its environs.

One of the key reasons why Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is the best janitorial service in Toronto is the quality of its work. The company takes great pride in providing its clients with nothing short of excellence. Whether it is office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or any other type of janitorial service, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance ensures that every job is done to the highest standards. The company’s team of experienced professionals is well-trained and equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that they deliver outstanding results.

Another reason why Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is the best janitorial service in Toronto is its customer-centric approach. The company recognizes that every client has unique needs and preferences, and it works closely with each one to ensure that their needs are met. Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance takes the time to listen to its clients, understand their needs, and develop tailored solutions that address their specific requirements. The company also ensures that its services are flexible and can be customized to fit the unique needs of each client.

In addition to providing high-quality services and a customer-centric approach, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is also known for its reliability and consistency. The company understands the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, and it works tirelessly to ensure that its clients’ facilities are always clean and well-maintained. Whether it is a one-time cleaning job or a recurring contract, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance always delivers its services on time and to the highest standards.

Moreover, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability. The company recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and reducing its carbon footprint, and it has taken various measures to ensure that its operations are environmentally friendly. From using eco-friendly cleaning products to adopting green cleaning practices, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is committed to promoting sustainability in everything it does.

Finally, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is also known for its competitive pricing. The company understands that cost is an important consideration for its clients, and it strives to provide its services at affordable rates. Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of its services, making it an excellent value proposition for its clients.

In conclusion, Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance is the best janitorial service in Toronto for many reasons. Its commitment to excellence, customer-centric approach, reliability and consistency, sustainability, and competitive pricing are just some of the factors that set it apart from the competition. If you are looking for a top-notch janitorial service provider in Toronto, look no further than Classic 8 Cleaning and Maintenance.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer


Julie Cera Photography is a well-known photography business based in Strathroy, Ontario, that specializes in capturing beautiful moments of newborns, infants, maternity, and first communion. Julie Cera, the owner and lead photographer, has earned several awards and recognition for her exceptional skills in capturing the perfect moments that her clients treasure for a lifetime.

With over a decade of experience in photography, Julie has honed her skills in capturing the precious moments that families cherish. Her expertise, creativity, and attention to detail have earned her numerous awards, including the Best Newborn Photographer award in 2017, Best Maternity Photographer award in 2018 and 2019, and the Best Portrait Photographer award in 2020.

One of Julie’s specialties is her ability to create memorable photographs of newborns. She has a unique way of capturing the essence of a newborn, with their delicate features, tiny fingers, and peaceful expressions. Julie understands that newborn photography requires a gentle and patient approach. She creates a relaxed and comfortable environment for both the baby and parents, ensuring that she captures the most precious and intimate moments. Her attention to detail is evident in every photograph, from the way she positions the baby to the soft lighting that she uses to create a serene atmosphere.

In addition to newborn photography, Julie also offers maternity photography. Maternity photography is a special way to commemorate the beautiful journey of pregnancy. Julie understands that pregnancy is a significant and transformative experience, and she strives to capture the beauty and essence of this life-changing event. She offers several different styles of maternity photography, including outdoor, studio, and lifestyle shoots. Each style offers a unique and beautiful way to capture the joy and excitement of pregnancy.

First communion is a special moment in a child’s life. It is a time when they begin to develop a deeper understanding of their faith and the importance of the sacrament. Julie understands the significance of this moment and works closely with families to create beautiful photographs that capture the essence of this special occasion. She works with families to choose the perfect location, outfits, and props to create a unique and memorable photo shoot.

Julie Cera Photography is located in Strathroy, Ontario, but services London and all of southwestern Ontario. She offers a variety of packages to suit every family’s needs and budget. Her packages include digital files, prints, and albums, ensuring that every family has a tangible way to treasure their memories.

What sets Julie Cera Photography apart from other photography businesses is her exceptional customer service. Julie understands that every family is unique, and she takes the time to get to know each family personally. She works closely with them to understand their vision and ensures that their photographs capture their personalities, emotions, and style. She is patient, kind, and understanding, ensuring that every photo shoot is stress-free and enjoyable for the entire family.

Julie’s dedication to her craft and her clients has earned her a loyal following. Her clients praise her for her exceptional skills, creativity, and professionalism. They describe her as patient, kind, and compassionate, making them feel comfortable and relaxed during their photo shoots. Many of her clients return to her for additional photo shoots as their families grow and change.

In conclusion, Julie Cera Photography is an award-winning photography business that specializes in capturing beautiful moments of newborns, infants, maternity, and first communion. Her exceptional skills, attention to detail, and creativity have earned her several awards and recognition. She offers a variety of packages to suit every family’s needs and budget, ensuring that every family has a tangible way to treasure their memories. Her exceptional customer service and dedication to her craft and her clients have earned her a loyal following. Whether you are looking to commemorate the birth of your newborn, the joy of pregnancy, or the significance

5 Fitness Habits to Start Today

5 Fitness Habits to Start Today

Health and fitness have become an extremely popular subject for mainstream media outlets, corporate industries and in the lives of ordinary people. There is an incredible amount of conflicting, ambiguous and downright incorrect information available across the internet and other sources, especially around fitness in children. However, despite the confusion, there are still several general fitness guidelines that everyone should incorporate into their everyday habits. FInd a child fitness class here at

f45 Gym London Ontario

fitness can be fun!

Run Run Run!

Running is a highly effective form of conditioning and weight loss. Running regularly can strengthen your bones, reduce your chances of developing arthritis, increase your cardiovascular fitness and keep you looking toned and healthy. You can begin incorporating long or short distance runs into your fitness routine for practically no upfront cost, just make sure to get a good pair of running shoes.

Start Lifting Weights

Resistance training is often neglected by amateur athletes and burgeoning fitness enthusiasts. However, lifting weights in the gym or at home can have significant physical and psychological benefits. Resistance training initiates muscle growth, fat burn and has been known to combat the symptoms of depression. While running has its own benefits, increasing your muscle mass and resting metabolic rate can be better achieved through resistance training.

Use HIIT When You’re Short of Time

HIIT or high intensity interval training is growing in popularity due to its astonishing physical and mental health benefits. HIIT involves a short-term period of high intensity exercise (such as sprinting) alternated with low intensity exercise. High intensity interval training can be carried out on a bike, in the pool or while running. The fitness benefits that can be reaped just from a 20 minute HIIT session are considerable. Reduced muscle loss, hormone regulation and an increased resting caloric burn are just some of the advantages of HIIT.

Join A Local Sporting Team

If you have noticed that your fitness motivation ebbs during the week or in particularly stressful periods of time, you should consider joining a sports team in your vicinity. Incorporating a social aspect into your fitness routine and habits will take your mind off the rigors of physical exertion. Many sports are very effective workouts and can be a particularly enjoyable part of your fitness routine.

Make a Routine

The most important habit to adopt for amateur and veteran fitness enthusiasts alike is to create a structure and detailed routine. The physical act of planning your weekly workouts, gym sessions and sporting commitments is a powerful form of psychological reinforcement and will strengthen your motivation to lose weight and gain muscle.

Creating a balanced and holistic fitness plan will impact your life in a variety of positive ways. However, you should also treat your body with respect in other ways, for instance ensuring that you eat healthily, get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Remember not to over-train and seek medical attention as soon if you feel unusual levels of pain or exhaustion. Whether you’re beginning your journey into the world of fitness or getting back into shape, use the above guidelines to create a fitness plan that is tailor made for your goals and situation.

Halloween Fun

So it is Halloween and the kids are out and about. I don’t know about you but i just love to see all the action in the neighbourhood and the smiles ans giggles and screams from the little ones as the roam from home to home.

I do hand out candy to the gouls and goblins and like seeing their costumes and this year is no different in that respect. What is different is that I have a dog this year that absolutely needs to see every little one as well! Tucker is only 7 months old and loves children but thinks that every child is going to love hime the way my kids do and that is just not the case.

He got out out on the porch and scared the hell out of a little girl earlier on and I felt so bad. I guess it was a trick before a treat for that little one! I so hope that i didn’t ruin that little girls night.

Any way what is your best Halloween stories? Could be about tricks or could be about treats. let me know.


Golf Lesssons For Kids

Golf Lesssons For Kids

So my kids are completely and totally into golf. I don’t mean just kinda into golf I mean they are nuts for golf, they watch it on the weekends and are always checking online at scores and different ways to hit shots and make putts and whatever else they need to figure out.

I have played golf for over 30 years and love the game so naturally, I love that they are taking such an interest in it. The problem I am finding is that it is so freaking expensive to play anymore that it is killing me! Memberships are ridiculous and green fees are even worse. We have to take them out of town to play on decent courses that we can afford but it is all worth it.  I grew up playing on a little 9 hole golf course that was a lot of fun but, at the time, I thought it was really under par (see what I did there -lol!) with other places around but once I grew older I realized that it actually was a pretty good design  and I actually loved it.

Anyway back to the kids these days… I really want to help and foster their love for the game so I searched and searched to find someone to give them some lessons at an affordable price. There are a lot of different options out there from golf town to the private course to private instructors.  After a lot of looking around, i settled on London Golf Academy for their golf lessons and club fitting. The instructor there is Mike Zylstra and he is a class A certified professional which I didn’t even know was a thing but it is. Apparently, their are different levels of teaching professionals here and it does make a difference. Anyway, Mike has a great setup up and is amazing with the kids. They are loving the lessons and can almost beat me already! He has the most amazing golf studio to teach from, check it out!

here is a pic of London Golf Academy, If you live in the area I would definitely recommend getting some lessons of your clubs fitted by Mike. You will not be disappointed, and the prices are cheaper than those big guys at golf town or sport check.